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hi everyone, I am a brand new travel nurse looking for insight on how all of this works. I would appreciate ANY feedback, tips/tricks and maybe how you get started on it all. I am an LPN with a year and half with experience..I have worked mainly in corrections (very interested in staying in corrections) and Ive been in the ED for about six months. Its very confusing at first but I will love it when I understand it all. (I plan to bring my dog with me while traveling)

thanks for any help

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Let's start with why you want to travel. More money? The thrill of visiting Brownsville, TX?

Talk to a tax professional ahead of time either way. Many people make reference to the website traveltax.Com to help you get familiar with travel nursing considerations for tax purposes.

The excitement o visiting brownsville, TX I laughed out loud when I saw you say this, someone is an experienced traveler.

@ggiusto Recruiter here and i've posted my personal experience/tips for travelers below.

1) Work with multiple recruiting agencies so you have the most options out there in terms of locations and pay packages.

2) Make sure to have backup finances just in case something happens because it always does.

3) As Jive Turkey, RN has mentioned talk to a tax professional and learn about the incentives of being a traveler. Different nurses or agencies call them different things, but at the end of the day they are the same thing tax free money. (Stipends, per diems, tax advantage, Meals/Incidentals, Housing, etc).

4) Look for an agency that works directly with LPNs and Corrections because from my experience finding a corrections contract can very difficult at times.

5) If you don't have a compact license, but are in a state that is compact I would work on getting that approved to open up your travel options. If you are in a single license state I would start looking at walk through states or quick licensure states to increase your chances of placement.

6) Best way to get started is to talk to other travelers and get recommendations from them. Best of luck to you!

If you live in a compact state, you have a compact license. No separate application in any state.

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