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Lets start NUW (new)

Nurses Unite Worldwide

If a designated person from every facitlity that reads this would go to the administration in their facility and promote a NUW program.

Explaining that drug addiction and dependance in nursing is becoming a huge problem. That as Nurses we are uniting worldwide to protect our brothers and sisters. We are responsible for all the Pts in our care and with such responsibility comes the added need to recognize, intervene, and assist all nurses that are starting or are far down the road to addiction and eventual loss or probation of nursing licenses. We will provide a program that offers nurses the chance to step up (in private) to the administration with a core group of nurses for support and "Come Clean" if you have a problem wether it is drugs or alcohol any other form of addiction you may come forward now and be assisted in getting the help you need. Of course all things will have to be done withiin the limits of the law but a facility could offer to support nurses with BON difficulties with the enticement being that you have made the decision to seek help yourself. BON have traditionally been very irratic in their treatment of addiction and dependance but if Nurses Unite Worldwide and begin pelting the BON in every state to make some standard arrangement for those with a problem that step up and ask for assistance we can make a difference.


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I think its a great idea!!....Although I have no idea how other countries handle "impaired nurses", I'd really be curious to know...I know from my own personal experience that in the US each state has their own program and some states have none at would be much better to have a uniform policy for all states as to how they handle this.....In addition, there needs to be some choices, as far as "recovery programs", NA, Rational Recovery, Women in recovery....etc......12 step programs should not be the one and only.......We all have different belief systems and to force people to use a recovery method that goes against their religious and other beliefs helps no one......It would be great to have a uniform policy, as it is now, its basically a "crap shoot" as to what state you're in and what their BON's reactions will be....kind of "the luck of the draw", how do we get started on something like this??....This will be a HUGE undertaking, but with all the good nurses that are falling thru the cracks and being lost by the nursing profession something needs to be done.....I'm in!!!


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Possibly will offer sponsership.

We Need to have some help with Laws and organiztion and development.

Please sign up for chair/board positions. the following is a practice letter to administration to get us started. I need help from those of you in other countries because I don't know who regulates you. please list the governing body of nurses in your Country to assist in this matter

Nurse Unite Worldwide

To whom it may concern:

The nurses of the world are uniting in a mission of utmost importance to one and all. We are concerned about the future of nursing and our sisters and brothers in the field that are falling prey to a dangerous and deadly disease. The problem of addiction and dependence on drugs and alcohol is at an all time high no pun intended. The problem has been growing for years and has been largely overlooked by anyone that does not directly see the effects it is having upon our profession. We are going to take the reins from this point forward to insure a just and equitable solution is devised.

We are seeking the support of facilities worldwide to assist in this endeavor. We will need a very direct involvement from all employers. This means every facility worldwide that hires nurses will also be required to unite in a regulation of the process needed to assist our fellow nurses with kicking their dependence. We will seek a standard agreement from any and all employers. Regarding this standard agreement the terms are as yet uncertain. We are seeking assistance in this matter to devise something that will be an agreeable compromise for both facilities and nurses that are struggling with this disease. Twelve step programs may be arranged and/ or facilities may have rehabilitation services in their facility that can provide adequate service.

We will also be bombarding the State Boards of Nursing in every state to make a standard agreement as well. We will be asking that a certain minimal punishment be legislated for those in this program that willingly and voluntarily step forward to "Come Clean." This is the proposed project name "Come Clean" which we as nurses are hoping will bring nurses forward to receive the assistance they need and deserve. These nurses did not become addicts/dependent overnight and we should all understand they it will take some time to revive them and return them to the profession. With the help of fellow nurses, all facilities Worldwide, and State Boards of Nursing we can and will overcome this epidemic that is threatening our wonderful institution of nursing

Sincerely, NUW


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I was wondering what religious beliefs 12 step programs violate? The meetings I have been too are pretty opposed to anyone getting too detailed in explaining any specific religious beliefs, as that violates one of the twelve traditions. The only thing you are suggested to have is a belief in something more powerful than yourself. Ok, so if you are atheist or agnostic, I guess this would violate your beliefs. But is that what you meant, or something deeper?

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