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I just got hired as a Telemetry/Monitor Tech! The floor is split into Med Surg/Tele and Stroke units with some remote monitoring, about 40 beds at full capacity. My work station is part of the nurses station and will have some Unit Assistant duties as well. Looking for insight/advice from other Tele techs and Tele nurses on what the routine is like and any suggestions on books/materials geared specifically toward Telemetry Monitoring. 


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Most hospital systems follow a new hire orientation schedule that takes place over the course of about 3 weeks of corporate and classroom learning before you start your floor orientation. You will have a general corporate orientation for the first week where you learn a bit about that hospital’s history, their mission statement, HR information such as benefits and paid time off, some team building exercises, etc. The next week or two is usually classroom training and competency for your specific job role(s) which in your case as a dual role Sec/Tech would include learning their EMR charting system, equipment, chart filing and thinning, and as well as how to admit and discharge patients onto the telemetry monitors, recognize basic arrhythmias, print and mount strips, understand the different monitor alarms and how to report them to the RN or HCP, etc. Generally, you will then have an assessment test at the end of the classroom education to see if you are ready to start floor orientation or if you need some more education on telemetry. After all of that is done, you will be paired with a preceptor for about another two weeks, usually on the day shift regardless of the actual shift you will be working because that is when there are more resources available to facilitate your training before you go to your regular shift. Your department educator will meet with you and your preceptor throughout orientation to discuss your progression and then you will be on your own. Being a Sec/Tech is a very busy but rewarding job and you will learn a lot! Be a sponge and absorb everything you can and good luck!

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