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My husband and I will be relocating from Ohio to Tampa at the beginning of 2011. We are trying to consider if it would be best for me to stay in Ohio until I have finished my RN, or try to transfer into a new program in the area. I've researched several programs (SPC, HHC, USF, PHCC, UT and others), but if anyone could help me narrow down the best options based on my current situation, it would be appreciated.

--Currently hold a BS

--Currently attending community college (3.5 GPA); cost per credit hour=$79.00

--Attending first quarter (of 7) Nursing classes since Sept 2010 (all pre-reqs are complete, working on RN coursework only); Class format is a hybrid online structure ("Class" is online, I attend Clinicals in person).

--Seeking Associate Degree; current graduation date SP 2012

--Able to work full time due to flexible course schedule

--Long term goal=BSN/MSN

I am looking for a program with similar format (if possible) and similar cost per credit hour. I am hoping to not delay my current graduation date by more than 6 months. Not much transfer information is provided on the college websites--I am contacting advising offices but am looking for any info possible.

Thank you in advance!

From my research, all of the RN programs have a waiting list or base entrance on a combination of your GPA for your pre-reqs and your TEAS score.

I believe most of the submission deadlines have passed for the January term.

You are very lucky to pay $79/hour. HCC (Hillsborough Community College) is running me $97/hour.


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IMHO you'd be better off staying where you are to complete the nursing program. SPC is highly competitive, the GPA cut off is averaging around 3.8 for the last few years and priority is given to Pinellas county residents.

I've not heard of any schools here that offer a hybrid program like you mentioned.