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HI i am new to this site. I do find it informative. I am a third year nursing student and i have 4 children i am just entering my third year of school ( pediatrics and psychology) are whats in store for half of the year then we start our preceptorships. Cant wait almost done but i am terrified of the nationals. I have been hearing alot of horror stories on them. Well thank you for letting me rattle on.


Ontario Year 3 student nurse

Welcome RN Mom 4. There are a lot of horror stories about the NCLEX and things about nursing but I do my best to tune them out so I won't be so nervous. I have my own worries to deal with I don't need anyone adding on to them. So that Is one way to deal with it. Work hard and we will do fine.

Welcome! For the nationals, you might want to check out the Canadian Nurses Forum, and post in there, they might be able to help you better with testing, becuase I dont think (might be wrong) that Canada doesnt take the NCLEX, but something else.

For anything else student related, we are all here to help!

Make yourself at home!


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