New Substitue Nurse - Advice?


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Hey everyone! Today I have my orientation to my district to start being a sub nurse. Do y'all have any advice? I've noticed on other threads that sometimes the subs don't do very well, and I want to stay on everyone's good side because I'm hoping to get a full time school job out of this :)

Also, do y'all have any important tips on dealing with parents? I'm a little nervous about that part, as I've never really had that issue (I'm also a new grad). Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!


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bring along a notebook to take notes during orientation. Most school nurse has a sub book with tons of info. find out what time are the daily meds, get diabetics names and testing times and plan of care? There will be many frequent fliers, ask the nurse how she wants you to handle them, cause you cannot send home 20 kids for a stomach ache.