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My grandmother was a nurse and some of the most influential women in my life have been nurses. I thought for years about being a midwife, but decided to put it off in favor of another dream. It has now become clear to me that within the next five years or so, though, I'll need to return to work and I'll need to be in a career where I can match our current income within a few years. So I decided to pursue nursing.

I am taking pre-reqs and I have so many questions. I took a look at some of the Nursing Jobs available to RN/BSN's in my area (Houston, TX) with no experience (I am imagining those are the positions most new graduates would be applying for) and they work out to just about 40k a year. Is that pretty typical for new graduates? I would like to go into women's health and eventually get an MSN specializing in women's health or perhaps train as a Physician's aAssistant. What kind of incomes to RN/BSNs in Dr.'s offices usually earn? Is it comparable to the salaries/wages of hospital nurses?

Also if you want to specialize in a certain type of nursing do you just work anywhere for experience until an opening becomes available somewhere in the area you'd like to work in, or should you wait it out until you can get a job where you want?

What kind of things can one do in Nursing school (besides performing well in classes and on tests) that make you look good to potential employers?

Thank you so much for your help.

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You can join any nursing organizations like the RNAO (canadian) and volunteer your time if possible. :)


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