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I recently accepted this position and I am looking forward to the transition but I feel as if I am not catching on as fast, orientation was like 1 day and BOOM...I am a bit overwhelmed but have a long hx as an LPN in LTC with this 60 bed facility...although this duty is entirely different...if there are any other staff development nurses out there your replies will be surely appreciated:heartbeat


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I was a staff development nurse for about 6 months. When I took the position there was nothing in place, I started from scratch! I am not sure what all you are required to do development on or with. I gathered information from everywhere I could (internet, books...) Some of the topics I put together poster boards and had a quiz to go with it, the employees completed it on their own time. This is a very different aspect of nursing but I really enjoyed it, don't worry you will figure it out Im sure.:D

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First of all, take some time to get organized. Use a computer if you have one or if you don't develope your own method for keeping track of which staff had which inservice. SDCs usually do employee health as well so keep track of when the staff needs TB or physicals.

You should provide the CNAs with 12 credits a year so they can keep their certification....lots of stuff on line for that. As soon as 'they' find out you're the SDC, you'll start getting catalogues with all sorts of different courses. Call your vendors-the lab, the 02 company, the pharmacy, the local ambulance service. Chances are they'll have people who can come in and give inservices. Call your local Hospice or speak to the hospice nurse if you have residents on hospice. Our hospice has come in 4 times over the past year to give inservices. Speak to your medical director....he or she HAS to provide some staff teaching (at least in this state they do and if they don't know the regs, tell 'em it's a reg in your state as well (:eek:)...they'll never know.

If you don't have a good orientation for new employees, create your own or tweak the one you have. You can make up a med test for new nurses or get one from your pharmacy. Develop some competencies so if something happens, you can prove you tested the staff and they passed your standard.

Can you tell I loved being an SDC? Good luck and don't hesitate to ask for help.

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capecod mermaid said it best- and gave great advice. good luck! keep that positive attitude. being an SDC is lots of fun- as long as you keep that smile on your face.


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I recently took over staff development, infection control and wounds. I am definetly over whelmed and I have an A type personality. I can seem to get the answers I need. As far as logging inservices. I have a seperate binder for all the inservices to be signed off. But as far as their competencies where do they belong? I know not in the health file, we are not computerized as far as logging. Does staff development have a seperate folder for all the inservices and new orientation? So far HR has one folder. I have the health, and noe I need to create a folder for staff development? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I cant seem to find staright answers to anything.

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I always kept a folder for each staff member with their inservices and competencies in there as well as a master spread sheet with everyone's name and the date they completed the inservices.

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