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Hello, all. I am also new to the staff development role. As a nurse for 15 years at the bedside, it has been a challenge for me. Question: How can I apply for Contact Hours or CEU credit for courses that I will be teaching staff? It would be a great incentive for them if they felt they were actually receiving credit for all the education they receive. I am located in NC. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

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MSutton - welcome to EducationWorld - where nothing is as simple as it should be :chuckle

There are three basic ways to have your programs accredited for CE

  1. Apply for CE credit from your state association. In my case, it is the Texas Nurses Association. State associations are authorized by ANA to accredit programs. They also can accredit CE 'Approvers' - mor about that in #3. There is a fee for the process, and it takes about 2 - 3 months, depending on the backlog & efficiency of your association. If you have to re-do any of the application, it may take longer. The process has very specific requirements related to needs assessment, content, planning, delivery, evaluation, and retention of documentation.
  2. Enter into a co-providership agreement with a local organization that has already been designated as a CE provider. A lot of hospitals, nursing schools, etc. are CE providers and they can work with you to Ce your programs. There should be a list of providers available from your state association. It's best just to call them and find out if they will work with you. There will be a fee, and you will have to follow their policies and procedures exactly.
  3. Become a CE provider. After you have successfully delivered a certain number of approved CE courses, you are eligible to become a provider. There are some stipulations related to educational qualifications. In TX, you have to have an MSN as the designated program director - these may vary by state. This option requires ongoing funding. There is a fee for everything. You have to pay travel expenses for the person who does your on-site survey. You have to re-apply every 2-3 years. Every year, you have to send in a detailed program report. They can audit you at any time, and if they find problems your accreditation can be yanked.

My advice - find a nurse who is experienced with the CE process & 'persuade' him/her to help you through this convoluted process.

Good luck!!!


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Thank you so much. So much information, but so informative. I really appreciate it!!


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Find out if your hospital is part of CE Broker. It is the easiest way. Florida actually uses North Carolina for CEU credit by AANC. We put everything through CE

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1. The term is "contact hours", not CEU. That term is obsolete

2. Be sure your state BON approves of the organization through whom you get your activity approved. What is approved in one state may not meet continuing nursing education requirements for another state.

3. The ANCC (Thru ANA) is universally approved as they have high standards. They also represent all types of nursing. Their website can direct you to local provider approvers or just give them a call. ENA and CCRN are excellent too, but they do not represent all types of nursing. We sometimes put on courses that are approved by more than one organization, but only if we plan to earn a little money from the presentation.



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I sometimes use reps to provide an incentive meal for my past inservices/educational classes. Now I hear that there are new regulations that prohibit them from doing so. Just like the one that will not allow them to present their products during the breaks. I have someone who works in our institution who thinks it's ok to allow the reps to present their products as well as provide meals. Yes, still this year! I thought we can get in trouble for allowing this. I used to work in corporate ed in a large metro hospital. Now I work in a sorry for any offense "redneck" backwards hospital system that doesn't want to focus on education or pay for it. I already told her that she cannot allow this but she is so arrogant it's nauseating to think I have to work with her tomorrow. I don't want to get in trouble for her actions. How can I protect myself?

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I suppose it depends on the criteria from the agency awarding the contact hours or allowing you to award them, but ANCC (and, incidentally CME for docs) does not approve of products being touted in a presentation. I believe there are exceptions. For the most part, the learner needs to be notified ahead of time what to expect and not pay, or attend, what is supposed to be an education activity only to be stuck in a "paid commercial" situation. Otherwise, it is an inservice.

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