New specialty for New nurse...looking for advice?


I am a newly graduated RN BSN as of May of this year. I am a single mom and worked hard to get through school. This past summer I lost my little brother in a motorcycle accident and went for my boards in August and passed with 75 questions. So for anyone who ever said, Ill never pass, think again!!

Anyway I was hired in a 32 hr overnight position at a local hospital and as much as I knew the experience was invaluable, I could not function. I could not adjust to the schedule at all, especially just after dealing with a major loss in my family.

With the economy looking the way it does, I was blessed and lucky enough to find a position allowing me to be home with my son and be able to spend these first holidays without my brother, with my family and not working. I was hired as an Occupational Health nurse, never even thinking about this field while in school but I absolutely love it and the company I work for has a great staff.

So this is my question.....what do you do as an Occupational Health Nurse? I am looking forward to working with members in safety and bringing wellness and prevention on board but wanted input from nurses who have been in the field and get their thoughts on how their offices and companies are run.

This is all new to me and Im thankful they wanted a new face and someone who has not been in the field for a long time as to bring new ideas to this aspect of the companty.

Any advice/tips would be appreciated !!!

Thank you and happy holidays ! ~ Jodi


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What kind of organization you are working for has a lot to do with what you will be doing. Is it in a hospital? Is it in a factory or manufacturing company? I worked as the OH nurse in a factory and a lot of my duties included care of injuries or illnesses received on job...including hang overs :specs:. Also, we worked to have no loss of work days for staff as well as immunizations and general health issues.

I think it will greatly depend on where you work. What does your job description say?


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I am employed with a large retail supermarket distribution center. It has 2 warehouses and 3 shifts for each warehouse. I am in charge of all illnessess, injuries, open claims, and trying to step into the wellness aspect of it. We did a flu clinic just before I started and we are talking about having a speific day for blood pressure checks but Im not sure where else I could go with it. They are basially leaving it up to me to gather some ideas but Im a little overwhelmed since there are so many different options. Any advice would be welcome!! Thanks a lot!

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