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New South Florida traveler...can anyone help?

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Can anyone give me any insight about Holy Cross, Memorial Healthcare System, Jackson Memorial, or Kendall Medical Center in the Broward, Dade County areas? I am soon to begin travel nursing in April and these are some of the hospitals that were given to me as choices.

Does anyone know how they treat their travelers? The nurse to patient ratio? Or the general attitude of the nurses towards travelers? Any help would be appreciated...Thanks.


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Holy Cross & Memorial are your best bets. Jackson is part of the Univ of Miami if you want a teaching trauma center. DO NOT go to Kendall...its HCA.

i did 13 weeks at cleveland clinic in weston, fl. very nice hospital and friendly to travelers. i would go back, really enjoyed it

I was a nurse in the ICU at Memorial Regional for 3 years, and in our unit (ICU2) we always treated the travelers well, and they never had a very difficult assignment, as it was a trauma unit. I always recommend Memorial and the location is just between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, so very convenient to be. I myself wouldn't want to work at Jackson, I went there as an organ procurement coordinator and was never treated very well, so I am not sure that would bose well for a traveler. Kendall was a great hospital, very nice staff, but lots of Spanish-speaking clients, may or may not be a diffivulty for you, and located in South Miami, so good if you want to go down to the Keys. Good luck!

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