New School Nurse - looking for ideas


Hi Everyone!

I just started as a school nurse for a small private school at the end of August, and I'm enjoying the challenges as they come my way.

I'm wondering what kind of activities you plan, or how involved you are with the students outside the nurse's office?

Are there any great resources out there for stuff like this?

Thanks so much!! :D


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I will attend dances held at our school. I try to get to every assembly they hold. Just so the kids see me outside my office


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I just went around to all classes (300+ kids in Toddler-grade 9) and spoke for 5-10 mins about handwashing.

I also go each day to every grade below 1 and check in w. the teachers re. how the kids are. That way, the little ones get to know me a little bit so they hopefully won't be so scared if they need to come see me. Also, the younger the kids the busier the teachers are, and they oftentimes have questions they want to bounce off me, but don't have the time to get to my office or call me.

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I have around 800 students at my school and around 75 staff members. Somehow, I take care of them all! :D I do a dental hygiene teaching or have a dentist come in to do it for K through 3rd graders. I do a growth and development (hygiene, menstruation, etc) for my 4th and 5th grade girls and 5th grade boys. Last year, I also had the Red Cross come to the school and teach water safety. I do little health tips on the announcements in the morning. During WATCH week, I go to the cafeteria and pass out stickers to the children I find eating their fruits and vegetables. I dressed up like Cindy Lou Who (from the Grinch That Stole Christmas) for our literacy parade and the kids loved seeing me in costume! :redpinkhe That is just to name a few things. I do some bulletin boards and various other small projects when time permits throughout the year (which is not often)! During the month of October, some of the teachers decorated for Breast Cancer Awareness and I created a cancer crossword puzzle for the teachers to fill out and they won prizes. :idea: Remember, you are there for the staff members too!

My favorite day from last year: Our school had "hero day" where the students could dress as their real-life heroes (no super heroes). A large number of the girls dressed a nurses and came to the clinic for pictures with me! :nurse: I was so touched, i actually teared up! :scrying: Days like that make all the bad days, nasty parents, and frequent fliers worth it. :yeah: