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Hi everyone, I'm new to Allnurses and just had a few questions. I recently just graduated from Nursing school (so excited) and still have yet to take my boards. But I did accept a job position on a med/surg/telemetry floor and was wondering if this was a good type of floor to work on? Pretty nervous that it is telemetry, thanks for your input.

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Overall, yes. You will probably be taught basic rhythms to identify or some hospitals have someone who manages the monitors (scary to think that some hospitals do not). Skill Stat is a good place to brush up on basic rhythms.


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Hey thanks, I was just a little nervous I guess that it may be too stressful *not that any job is easy* but more than others, thanks!


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Pretty much what applesxoranges said. At our facility, our AMN acts as monitor tech, and we carry pagers around that will notify us with any abnormal rhythms. It can be incorrect sometimes (like recognizing as VT when pt is moving around) and it can page you the same thing over and over throughout the shift. You will be taught to recognize basic EKG rhythms, but personally I took an EKG class during school along with other certificates to make my resume stand out. The main pt populations are stroke and MI/chest pain and other pt with concerns of cardiac issues. You will definitely learn a lot. Good luck with the new job!