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Hey everyone!

I'm a newly graduated RN (adn) who has just moved to Lansdale PA. If anyone could point me in the right direction to good hospitals in this area that will hire adn's and maybe some pay information I'd appreciate it so much. I have healthcare experience I was a CNA then an LPN. I just really need some help because I know, no one! HELP!

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Philly area is saturated with RNs, as well as hiring is "BSN preferred".

Some of the community hospitals hired ADNs but are considering experienced nurses.

Some of the hospitals that I know if that hire ADNs: Roxborough hospital, Chestnut Hill Hospital (both in Philly) Abington Hospital (Abington, PA)

Research which hospitals are closer to you- Lansdale Hospital, Doylestown Hospital, are two that come to mind.

My advice to you is to cast your net wide in hopes in getting experience.

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