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I need some advice. So I am a new RN who just graduated and passed the boards. I worked full time in nursing school and excelled academically and in the clinical setting without any issues (I have a 3.6 GPA). I will be continuing on for my RN-BSN and will be done by next year. As you all know, the job market is very tough for new RN's. I was just offered a per diem position in a rehab facility close to my home which is where I really wanted to work. After thinking long and hard, I've decided to currently keep my full time position, while taking on this new per diem position on the weekend (as needed). I don't have the luxury of leaving my full time job because I have a mortgage and bills to pay. I am also taking 2 online nursing classes this fall. The rehab facility is wonderful, and supports new RN grads with a great training program, and I will have a mentor/ preceptor throughout my first year. Training will be full time for 1 week ( I will use my vacation time at my present full time job), and then they will work with me to setup a schedule to complete the training there on. I understand that new RN's ideally should work full time the first year to get the hang of things, but I think this will work for me. I am a fast learner, and did extremely well in my clinicals. My current job is very relaxed, and non stressful so it's not an issue which is why it makes this so much more feasible. Some people think it's great I'm doing this, other people think I'm nuts. The way I see it is that people thought I was crazy doing the nursing school/working full time thing but I proved them wrong. My goal is to at least get some experience while I'm finishing my BSN. Any thoughts? Advice? Thanks!

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Only you know what will work for you. Some people can't manage work and school, while others easily can. It's all so individual.

Good luck!

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