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NEW RN as a care coordinator job

Ddaisy Ddaisy (New) New

Hi everyone. I've been an LPN for 3 years working at a private practice. I graduated last year with my RN and got a job on a med-surg floor three months into the job I had to resign due to family issues but I must say I was actually happy about quitting I felt relieved. I had been on my own for about a month and everyone on my floor would complament me on what a good job I was doing, but I felt empty I felt that the hospital wasnt for me or maybe the stress of being a new floor RN was overwhelming. So four months later I started applying for hospital jobs. I was willing to restart my career and suck everything up just like in the beginning. I also applied for a position as a care coordinator at a local community health clinic. I felt that this was a perfect job for me. I got an interview and two months later I got the job offer:). So my problems now are that I am 21 weeks pregnant and iDK how to break it to them, I also have this mindset that I had to aleast been in the hospital for a couple of years in order to function well in any other RN nursing roles and IDK if ill be a good fit for this job even though I have some hospital and community health experience I am scared that I will not be efficient due to the lack of bedside nursing experience. has anybody ever felt like this or are there any nurses out there without any or some hospital experience working as a care manager or care coordinator?

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

Your employer thinks you will be a good fit, that's why they hired you. Your pregnancy is a moot point.

It's time to accept you are an RN..and get to work.


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