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New RN applying for Jobs

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I am a new Grad RN applying for jobs, is there anything that I can do that will make me stand out compared to the other applicants?


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I just got my first job and i have had my license since july 09... in order to get ahead i would say get all your certifications cause everyone else is... (BLS, ACLS, PALS etc..) and i ended up going to hospitals and trying to talk directly to recruiters.. sending emails directly to recruiters.. i heard a lot of "we arnt hiring new grads" back.. its not easy out there... i looked non-stop since graduation in May of 09 and just got a surgery outpatient job... Good Luck on your job hunt... remember that anything right now is better than nothing... LTC's.. outpatient.. drs offices.. though the ultimate is that hospital job :) its tough but keep your head up!

Did you establish any kind of rapport with nurse managers while on clinical?

I was recently hired in the ER (I graduate in May) and I know that I stood out to be chosen to interview because I did a few rotations with the NM while in a management clinical.


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I recently had a GN send me ( manager of a med-surge unit) a card explaining how she loved her rotation on our unit while in school. In the card she talked about how much she learned on the unit and how excited she was to have graduated and to start her new career. She attached a copy of her very professional resume, with a note stating "keep me in mind", "I would love to hear from you next time you have an open position". This really stood out to me.

I agree with GradinMO. Building professional relationships is key to succeeding in your career, from start to finish.