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New with some questions

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum. I have taken health safety and transitions. I am scheduled to take chronicity on Friday. I plan on taking repro before the end of the month as well. And should finish all my life span tests in July if I stick to my schedule. My question is when can you access study material for FCCA and CPNE? If I finish when I plan I will have a month until I can start FCCA and would like to get as much of a head start for studying on that and CPNE. Any info would be greatly appreciated!



How fast are you taking one exam? Weekly or biweekly? How much study time are you applying to each exam?

About every 2 weeks. I study about 5 hours a night 5 nights a week.


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Awesome way to start with motivation to finish the goals you set!! Good luck and if or when you feel unmotivated, come to these forums and you shall get back in track! Keep up the hard work! As far as the study guides for the CPNE and FCCA, I don't think we can get them until we become eligible, however as you get closer to finishing, sign up with your email to Sheri Taylor cpneworkshop.com and receive 20 free Cpne tips via email. Hopefully someone else may be able to reply to your question better if we can get the study guides otherwise.


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To be qualified for the FCCA, you'll need to have all of your nursing core exams passed and be lacking only 10 units of general ed/support courses.

I was not able to access the online CPNE study guide until I became CPNE eligible, which doesn't happen until the FCCA is passed. I can't remember if the download link for the study guide was unlocked before or after I paid the CPNE exam fee and submitted my paperwork. I do remember that once the fees were paid and submission complete, Excelsior mailed the study guide (disc) and errata pretty quickly.

As for the FCCA, I have no experience with the computer one. I barely squeaked in for the paper version (phew!).

You may have plenty of time to study for the CPNE while just waiting for your date. My CPNE application was complete and paid for by late April and am still without a date in the MPAC... probably will be lucky to see an October date, but I'll take what I can get ;). Can't do a cancellation date since I need to give my employer 30 days notice for time off, not 3 weeks. I still have Micro and A&P to finish anyway. I know others have tried cancellations, New York, and other faster-moving CPNE test sites, but its my understanding that you still have a kind-of mandatory 2 month waiting period before you can receive a test date. I could be wrong on that though.

If you want to get a head start on something now, take a look at the paperwork requirements to complete your CPNE application. You'll need that passport-style photo, background check, physical exam, and so on. I didn't realize how much time some of that stuff took to get done, lol! Just a few penny's worth...


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