New qualified bullying


I am qualifying in two month time and feel over the moon that I got this job offer in theatres as my first role. Currently I am at this same place to make up some hours so I was allocated to work with a senior nurse. I felt excited about learning and I told her would you teach me because I am coming as a scrub nurse. When she asked me where I told her it is here in your team and I am so much happy. She later in day appeared bossy to me, and told me to clean, tidy up, and using me as a pair of hands. I think I could not show enthusiasm with it because I was not there to become a cleaner really. At every opportunity when I asked her to teach me nursing stuff she made an excuse. Later she complaint to boss in writing that the student is lazy and do not show any enthusiasm with learning. I am really shocked at her action. Why would she do this to me that now even my university is involved because she made it in writing. Any one can sufggest?


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Wow. I wish I had something useful to say; I don't know what you should do about it.

What a mean-hearted, miserable individual.


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Have you gone to your boss and explained the situation from your point of view? I would suggest telling your boss your concerns as you've written them here and then ask for his/her advice. Explain that you really want to learn but this nurse doesn't seem interested in teaching you; tell the boss about problems that you need help with and things that are worrying you, instead of nasty complaints (like the bully nurse), and I think the boss will want to be on YOUR side.

Good luck, and try to ignore Nurse Nasty. Some people are just like that--don't be intimidated; be strong and stick up for yourself--but nicely!