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So I am new to this site and decided to go into Nursing recently. I am just starting on my classes at 27 (hope thats not too old!!) Anyways, the prerqs that are required for Grand Canyon University (AZ) is a total of 15 classes? that seems like a long time to complete! I am currently taking them at my community college and then planning on transferring since SCC has a 2 yr wait. Should I complete them and trasnfer for BSN or should I wait 2 years to get in to complete my Associates ( which will take over 4 years) I am not in a hurry since I have a great paying career but I just want to switch over already.

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Hi sw33tsandy, welcome to the site. :) I am in California, and when I was in your shoes, I was told to transfer when possible and not wait for the associates degree if you are going for your BSN. You don't officially need it (associates). I would concentrate on the fifteen classes and getting the best grades you can. (but I am sure that is a given :D ) And fifteen does sound like alot. I think I needed 9 or 10. I also saw a counselor at the junior college and was given a worksheet that showed classes that I would need that transferred to the university. This way while you are waiting you can get as much general ed in before you start the nursing program. If you can, you want to be able to focus on just the nursing program and not alot of other classes. Plus the classes are a little cheaper at the junior college level. Hope this helps and good luck to you. :)

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