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I am a new PCT at the hospital that has a "no-lift" policy. I just finished my training today and will start my first shift with a preceptor on Sunday. I got to shadow on my unit before my orientation began, however, as we were going through the training topics, I realized that the people I shadowed haven't followed what was taught by the same nursing education they had. Some of these things are improper patient room entrance and patient hand off, not using lifting equipment and using your own back to lift patients. These are pretty important things and I am, being new, worried that I will fall into peer pressure of "oh, it's ok, don't do this" because nobody (that I saw) follows the policies. This hospital is one of the top hospitals in the country and I've been with them for a year at another department. I know its culture and always followed the protocols, but this job makes me feel like I will fall into the "mediocre" group of people just because "that's how everyone does this". I understand that PCTs don't have time to complete the tasks properly, but how else do you provide the highest level of care? Any other advice for a new PCT is also appreciated! Thank you

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Idk why it's always like that when you get to a new place. You train and learn how to do things the right way, yet when you get on the floor, the more seasoned people don't do things the way they're supposed to. It's all a matter of doing what you know you're supposed to do. If you get caught lifting with your own back when you weren't supposed to, YOU are the one who gets in trouble. And "but they do it too" won't be a valid defense. Let everyone else hurt themselves. You take care of you. Congrats on the new gig!!

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Thank you! Today, my nurse actually told me not to lift, so it's encouraging that he lead by example.

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