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Hi everyone! I'm glad I found this site. Hey - do any of you have any resources or articles that I could get online, (I would appreciate it!!) about office nursing (I already checked out the CDC's site - very helpful) - immunizations, tetanus shots, lyme

vaccine/disease, pneumovax, ppd, phlebotomy, standards, patient handouts, anything?? I just started working at a one-doctor practice (only one nurse and two office staff work per day) part-time, and I am coming from working in the hospital. They don't really have any kind of orientation resources like those that are usually abundantly available in the hospital. I am trying to get a feel for what the differences are and should be (ie. the documentation). I want to get a feel for the way things are, and then evaluate whether I could make any more positive changes. I don't know what is reasonable or not, and I don't want to get fired before I get my feet wet. What is the standard out there? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Eva M. ([email protected])


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The things I apreciate from an office


Having my phone concerns in the chart the next time I come in for an apointment, someone who knows where to go for information (love flyers and drug rep info)

My thought is if there is info out there, even from the wrong side, take it for what it is, info. Formula info on Breastfeeding is mostly accurate, and Name Brand Medications usually have Generics, but what they work on remains constant (AbT)And then there is mandatory reporting, and other problems in the home you need to look out for. Have you gotten a copy of the local (states) Nurse Practice Act?

Document all calls out, and most calls in, even if you do not reach the party you are trying to reach. Try to be aware of cultural differances between clients, and how it might affect care.

Good Luck


*** May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we cannot accept. ***


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This is a great site. If you go to the home page, to associations, to nursing associations, to nursing associations in the US--you'll come to the American Association of Office Nurses (I think that's right)

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