new office job, help?


I'm in LPN and just got a job at an obgyn doctor's office, im a new nurse and have worked at a nursing home since march, but only every other weekend. I'm nervous to start this job because I have no experience? Anybody tell me what to expect or any advice? Thanks!


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I posted a few days ago looking for tips as well. I have been a nurse for 2 years but this is my first job working in OB. So far I've noticed it's a lot of hand holding. Especially first time moms wanting to make sure things are normal. There is also a lot to know about different tests and pt teaching.


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It will be a huge learning curve but you will get it! I started at an ob/gyn office 2 months ago and am still learning how to function in the office setting. Your assessment skills you gained from the SNF will help you. The hardest part is assessing patients over the phone(telephone triaging). You don't have them right in front of you and have to rely on your knowledge of what COULD be going on. You have to be really good at knowing what to ask providers and patients. I suggest pulling out that old OB book from school and having it on hand at the office. That's what I did :)

Common things that I do from day to day are: Incision checks/telephone triaging/NST/injections/OB consults.

You will learn as you go and will really enjoy it I'm sure. I do!