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I am a brand new Occupational Health Nurse working in a rural clinic offering medical and occupational health services.  I am hoping for some guidance on the following questions:

1)  As a nurse, I need an order from a provider for any medical testing.  For occupational health services that businesses may want, such as TB blood test, EKG, immunizations, FIT testing - Do I need a provider order? 

2)  If I do need an order and the provider at the clinic orders it, are they not responsible for the result (such as TB blood test or EKG) or is it the business responsibility to follow up on the result as it is an Occupational Health.service requested by the business.

I am trying to understand how this works for Occupational Health.  Any response would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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It is hard to start in occ health since we are conditioned to having everything in place like working in a hospital.  I have worked in occ health for about 13 years. I developed standing orders and did have an occ health doctor we use to treat our injuries sign off on them. Do you not have a corporate medical director? We have one so he signs off on my standing orders and you need one for your AEDs. Message me if you want connect


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I would really appreciate the opportunity to connect and gain from your knowledge and expertise.  Thank you so much for offering.  Please let me know how to go about contacting you.  Thank you again :-)

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PM me and we can connect

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