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i just got accepted into an adn program in fort worth, texas, and i am getting really anxious to start classes! does anyone have any tips that would help me succeed? i want to be ready for my classes to start in january. thanks!!



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Study Hard!!!

Dont wait until the last minute to study for exams & quizes..take a little material at a time over a couple of weeks if you can

Ask questions when you dont understand

Study with a group of classmates..studying with other GOOD students can really help prepare you for tests and can help you in your weak areas

There are times where you will be stressed..tired..exhausted & overwhelmed (trust a senior going into my last semester). But remember you CAN do it and after a couple years it will all be worth it!


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Take it one day at a time. Don't procrastinate. Read the book. I cant tell you how valuable reading the book is. Practice some NCLEX style questions in the text books. It takes some time to get used to "thinking like a nurse"... there is usually two right answers but its up to you to choose the better one.

If its possible, try not to work (as in a job) your first semester.

Last but not least... take time to relax on your free time or else you may very well lose your mind from all the stress.

Enjoy yourself before school starts!

remember that no question is a dumb question! always ask if you are unsure - my instructors strongly encourage this and I hope that yours will, too!

study study study and don't wait until the last minute. be sure to read the assigned readings (even though the amount of reading can be ridiculous at times....) and try to study a bit each day.

I would buy an NCLEX-RN book to practice questions with. You will probably have NCLEX questions in class but it's always nice to get some extra practice. I like Saunder's NCLEX book - it might be a little advanced in the beginning but it will really help. and don't read the "chapters" in the NCLEX book - just work on the questions and then review what you didn't understand.

if your school allows it, a digital voice recorder is a very nice thing to have. you can record your lectures and then go back and listen to them - it really helps especially if there is something you missed.

nursing is tough. there have been several times where I have second-guessed myself by asking myself "do I really want to do this?" or "why did I want to do this again?" and times where I felt like giving up, but I think everyone that goes through nursing school has that moment. It's a lot of work but in the end it will be worth it, and of course it helps when you have friends who are going through with you and understand exactly how you feel!

congrats for being accepted into your program! :nurse:


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Thank you everyone for all your advise... I appreciate it all so so much! :bowingpur

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