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Hello all, I am new here and I just started my first ADN program this spring I worked hard for the last two year to get accepted in this program, right now I am taking Pharmacology and Nursing concepts and I am doing great in these classes, well the third class was the nursing skills which include the clinical portion and I made my choice to drop it before I fail it because I did terrible in the written exams which included those very tricky neclex questions, I was shocked that my average was 65 in this class and we need at least 77 to pass, I just got overwhelmed and frustrated since my gpa was 4 before I started this program, and now I have to start this skills next fall and I really need advices from you guys about how to be successful next time when I take this class and how to answer these tricky questions. Do I have to study the power point slides or read the book in order to pass nursing skills class? for the Pharmacology I am doing great and still in the A average and its also neclex type questions but I really don't know what to do for the skill it was really frustrating and thats why I decided to postpone it to the fall because I want to pass it so bad and I really wants to be a good nurse.

Any suggestions are welcome


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