New Nursing Student! HELP?


So I've just decided to become a nurse. I've devised what I'd like to call a career path, but am not too sure about its accuracy or validity. I've already applied and got accepted to City Tech Nursing as "advanced student status" (what ever that means....)

I plan to get my Associates from City Tech (good idea?) and then continue on to get my bachelors degree either online or campus depending on the rigor of the job, since i will be working while attending BSN school.

My biggest worry is the "college experience". Nursing schools are so hard to get into that i feel like i've "settled" for a college that is below my standards. Also, i've seen pictures of graduating nursing students from City Tech and they were all much older students. Will i be missing out on the "college experience", defined as meeting great friends (preferably close to my age), late night parties? lol sorry, i am after all an 18 year old male.....

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