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Hello, I recently became interested in the nursing field and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I originally intended going into pharmacy (mostly because of the $salary$, shame on me...I know...), but I have realized I cannot afford 6 years of schooling. My parents need help with their $500,000 mortgage so I need to get started on my career as soon as possible. I researched a little online and saw that you can be a LPN in a year and an RN in 2-4 years depending on what degree you want (BSN, ADN, etc).

I'm a fairly smart responsible girl and I plan on continuing my education once my family is financially stable. Do you believe I should be a LPN first, start working, then try to go for a BSN, or study for an extra yr and go directly for an ADN? I'm trying to decide if that extra yr is worth it, since I have read that it's difficult finding new LPN positions.

I have also heard that being a nurse is quite hard due to the hectic hours and the nature of the work. I plan on marrying a guy who will be a military pilot, needing to move every 3-4 yrs and being gone most of the time - basically leaving me as a the sole parent once we decide to have kids, so I thought about just being a nurse until I can pay the bills and try going for that PharmD. What do you think?

For the nurses who have kids - is it difficult to balance your career and your family? I hate to be all about the money, but..would I be making enough to help my parents with their mortgage, get married in the next 2 yrs, and help pay my future husband's $35,000 student loans? I won't be the only one working, though he won't be making much (about $30,000/yr)...

I plan on getting a part-time job while studying, as well. What would you do in my situation?

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I would do what you could to get the RN first, since your interesting is maxing out your salary. RNs typically begin at $5.00 to $8.00 more per hour than LPNs (starting salaries) and have a wider variety of job opportunities. In some areas LPNs are having a hard time finding jobs without experience. But if it's necessary to work right away getting the LPN first is a fast track.

Nursing offers many differing hours that both interfere with and help people with families. Most people find something that works for them.

Sounds like you're going to have some serious financial obligations in the future. Nurses do make a nice middle income but be very careful about not adding anything else because it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate in addition to school. Most hospitals have some tuition reimbursement programs that might help to your debt down.

Good luck! Welcome to Allnurses. Please feel free to ask questions.

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