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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the group so I hope I am doing this correctly. I graduated nursing school in December as a ASN-RN and completed NCLEX about 2 weeks ago. I just accepted a job on a ortho/neuro unit and I was looking for any tips or advice that you could give me. Things such as what to bring to work that are essential for a nurse to have and how to navigate through this new journey I am about to start.

Thanks In Advance ?



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Learn as much as you can about the actual anatomy and structure of neurology/everything involved. I work in a neuro clinic but the only real training I got was on how to document and what questions to ask. I’ve been there for a few years and still ask questions every day because there is so much to know. It’s fascinating but definitely a lot to learn. Just soak in as much as you can about the spine and the parts of the body that each level of the spine/spinal cord controls, the brain and what happens to patients in life (normal aging stuff) versus what is new/dangerous, and everything else you can learn from your doctors and fellow nurses. Good luck!