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I'm and new nurse graduated in April and licensed in May was injured and I can't work at the time(never have used my license) until I am healed. What can I do so that I wont forget everything? It sure feels like I have. I don't know what to do?

Hi, Tee-Tee

I can empathize with you. I was in your shoes not too long ago. I graduated in '96 and the agency I was working for would not let me work as an RN until I got hospital experience. This was when hospitals in Ontario were laying off nurses right, left and centre! I went through agony wondering if I would ever get my career off the ground.

I kept current by taking different courses relevant to the area I wanted to be in (homecare). I studied palliative care, took an IV course, which covered central lines and home infusion pumps as well as IV restarts, and another on Physical Assessment.

It was great to mix with other nurses, get encouragement from them, and find out about possible job openings.

Finally, I got a chance to do hospital nsg. for an agency, and although it had been over 2 yrs. since graduation, I found most of what I needed to know was still with me! When I was unsure, I asked. I was new on the job, in a facility I'd never worked in before...they couldn't expect me to know everything. As long as I still knew how to do a BP with a regular cuff and stethescope, they forgave me for not knowing how to use the high-tech machine that did BP's temps, pulses and 02 sats all in one go.

So, don't despair! You know more than you think you do. And, once you start working, it will all come back when you need it. Here's hoping you can find a job situation where the nurses are kind to new grads, and willing to mentor them. Also, I wish you a speedy recovery from your injury. Hope it's nothing too serious!

What great advice you have been given here--use this time to learn, learn, learn!! I wish I had more time to attend some of the wonderful seminars and classes that are available--Certifications are a must--Good Luck to you and Hang-In there!!

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