New Nurse On Transtional Nursing Floor


I was wanting some other opinions, do I need to go into med surg before attempting this, I have worked as a LTC nurse for 3 years and recently recieved my rn. I have the option to go into women's floor (not quite sure what that is) med surg and transitional floor. I am also worried that I will be labled a geiratric nurse. The nurse manager said that I would not have more than 5 pts and the nurse manager on the transitional said that I would have no more than 7 pts. but a friend of mine said that the director over this area is hell on wheels. And also is this anything like rehab, I do know that they work together. thanks.:no:


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If you have long term care experience you should be fine on a transitional care floor. Med surg is up to you, some have the opinion that everyone needs at least a year of this but in recent years I have seen more and more nurses skip this. You will learn a lot on med surg floors however this is one of the most difficult nursing areas and you may also burn out quickly.

Dont worry too much about labels. There is no speciality that requires more knowledge than the other. You can obtain a geriatric certification or you can obtain a CRRN certification which will further your career.

If your friend is warning you about the director, that may be a legitmate reason to stay away. My advice would be to talk with floor nurses on each floor. Ask their opinion. Are they happy? How long have the worked on the floor?


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I took the position on the tcu. I thought that it would be a good place to start. I will be working nights and they generally have nurses that have been there 5 years plus. I would like to go to peds later on.

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