New nurse, only nurse in building 2nd shift? plz help!

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I'm an LVN I start back college school for my RN.

I graduated in April,

I took a job at an residential addiction center. While I do love it and love the clients its stressful. I'm the only nurse on my shift.

Our schedule goes:

Nurse- Nurse-Med tech

When I get in the Dr is usually gone in an hour.

Alot of these client's seem to complain alot and are more demanding on my shift.

So I'm constantly have to decide to call the Dr or not to call the Dr?

Alot of patients get admitted and have really high BP but are not dx or don't come in with meds and get admitted anyway and then when I check it, because they';re having an issue its through the roof.

I ask them do they want to go to the E.R. they say no and the Dr is like well its their right to refuse.

It's two other nurses, they are so sweet but I think they look down on me because I'm new.

One nurse who's been a nurse for 20+ years love to say to the clients " you know I'm the only one here who can save you right"

and the other leaves all her work for me to pick up, or not pass on in report that a client is sick.

Its more counselors then nurses here.

The client's can be so mean and demanding and sometimes I'm in a bind on what to do. My thinking skills or triaging skills are simply not there yet.

I have no one to really lean on here, I was at a LTC but hated because the nurses there eat their young. I don;t think I'll ever find find my niche in nursing, Pls help. I feel so dumb as a nurse.

I can totally relate to the last part of feeling like you'll never find your niche. I know where I want to be (labor and delivery) but feel trapped by being a new grad. I am an RN.

Unfortunately, it seems like alot of places like LTC and small residential facility run at staffing with only one RN/ LPN during eve/ night hours. I don't know how to make it better other than sticking it out while you get your RN. But best of luck.

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