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New nurse in L and D need advice


Hello everyone I am a new grad working in a labor and delievery unit in a small hospital. On this unit we do everything from antepartum , observation , deliever, c section, post partum. The nurses do it all. My husband is in the military and has gotten orders to do a military schooling for 6 months. Should I stay back and gain the 8 months experience in this setting?(8 months because he won't leave until October) Would it help me to gain future employment in labor and delievery? Or would I be wasting my time. Most people are telling me that I would need a year to even be considered somewhere else I don't know how true this is. Anyways if previous or current nurses can let me know if this would benefit me please let me know. I also have a year of experience in a pediatric office as an LPN. Thank you

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What happens after his six months of schooling is done? Where will he/you be at that time?

It's difficult to get a job in OB as a new grad, so I would definitely try to stay at that job as long as possible to get as much experience as possible. Definitely you would be a LOT more employable after 2 years in your specialty, but that doesn't mean that it would be impossible.

FWIW, I don't see a huge difference between 8 months of experience and 1 year of experience. There isn't some magic lightswitch that happens at 1 year that suddenly makes you more competent. If I want an EXPERIENCED nurse I would be looking for a nurse with at least 2 years, not 1.