New Nurse - How long should my preceptorship last?


So, I got my license back in December but had to wait until recently to get a job because I had surgery and whatnot.

Anyway, I started my orientation this week and I am overwhelmed to the point that I am wondering if I have made a HUGE career choice mistake. I am orintating with a lady who has been a nurse for a long time and she has given me a lot of guidence but I'm running into issues where I need to me moving about 10x faster than I am, but I can't seem to pick up the pace without making mistakes... and I'm getting frustrated. I need practice with some proceedures but she seems to always just start those without me if I am not breathing down her neck, which is fine, I don't expect her to track me down for every little thing but when I say hey "I'm going to need practice with x, y, and z before you turn me loose" but then she sends me on some excursion to instill eye drops and starts without me I'm a little frustrated.

I do NOT want to be that guy complaining about whoever is orienting me, especially because I don't think she is bad at all AND the DON is buddy/buddy with her. I think its just been too long since she was new and I don't feel like I'm getting all the information I need for certain things - like she showed me what to do with telephone orders one time, and then seemed very frustrated in two days later I needed a reminder about one aspect of what paper goes where - you know what I mean?

Is this normal? I feel like my two years of nursing school has NOT prepared me for the everyday ends and outs of a nursing job. Also, I might add that I am orienting on second shift of a rehab wing, but I will be working nights. I start night orientation next week and I am HOPING that shift wont be AS CRAZY.

To make things worse, I think they plan on setting me out on my own the week after next.