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new nurse finally feeling confident!


So I am a new nurse about to finish my 6th month. The first 4-5 months of nursing was hell. There was some days I literally felt like I choose the wrong career, and hated it. I hated feeling so incompetent and making stupid mistakes. Feeling like I could barely handle my patient load. There days I would come home crying because i felt so overwhelmed and would make stupid little mistakes and beat myself up about it. Now I feel so competent and confident. I catch other nurses mistakes now too. I can handle my patient load. I love helping people and at the end of,the day when your patient tells you thank you and you are a great nurse it feels so wonderful. I am still learning a lot and have a lot more to learn but I am glad I choose nursing. Just for new nurses out there you can get through those first rough months just don't give up!

Thank you for this post. I start work in a few days and I am already starting to doubt myself. I know it will be rough at first, but, hopefully one day I will start to feel competent and confident in my care.

Much success to you in your career. :nurse:


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Way to go!!! :yes:

Other new nurses - don't let the 6 months from OP scare you off. I wish I had felt that confident at 6 months. My cross-over point was about 18 months. Of course it was worse in the first 4-5 months, but I felt a real surge of confidence at the 18 month mark. So hang in there and you'll get there!


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NEEDED THIS.Thank you!