New nurse faculty


I just accepted a job as a faculty of nursing at a 2-year program. Most of my experience is in emergency. I am currently working full time and teaching med-surg clinicals, and I really enjoy what I'm doing.  The new job requires that I teach the psychiatric portion of this nursing program in the 4th term. I am hoping that I can understand the material well enough to lecture it, but the clinical side of psych nursing has me feeling uneasy, because I haven't done it before. In the ED we see psych patients at their worst, so I've had plenty of practice in de-escalation and stabilization. I think that I'm decent at at this, and everyone says that I'm good at it  I'm just not familiar with what goes on outside of the ED, when a patient is transferred to a psychiatric facility. Anything I should know before I throw myself into learning this part of my job? I'm going to be shadowing nurses at a mental health facility, but any pointers would be helpful. I just want to be good enough to guide students properly in this role and not misrepresent what the role is.