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New Nurse Anxiety

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This is just a question I have regarding new nurse anxiety, and maybe looking for some guidance. I am a new male LPN in a nursing home and also enrolled in a full time RN program. I have been a CNA for 4 years prior to this, working in the float pool at a couple local hospitals and in a nursing home. Ever since becoming an LPN and starting my job I am nothing but nerves. I get a sick feeling going into work, praying that nothing "happens". I question myself everyday of why I chose to pursue this career. I don't know why I didn't see this working as a tech. I always saw the nurses stressed out but still great at their jobs. I am not happy at a nursing home. Never have been, I do not like the environment at all. I don't mind old people, just hate the politics and the environment and having 30 patients to care for as a single new nurse. I also feel like I know nothing. I feel like nursing school taught me nothing. I feel extremely overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to know. Even the office work, with faxing, calling, phone numbers, different physicians, etc. I have considered just working at a clinic as an RN but realize the pay is less and the hospital offers so much more experience and pay. I have been told my older nurses not to go to the hospitals because they are getting so bad. A hospital in my area actually ratios 11 patients to 1 nurse on a med surg unit. I do NOT want to lose my license or be terrified going into work. I have so many questions and worries, I beginning to wish I never did this. I wish I would have gone into business or computers...

I enjoy people, I enjoy talking to them and socializing. I love performing my nursing skills but sometimes question whether my heart is actually in this. I don't want to make an error that hurts someone...I feel like I it would be so much easier to work in an office, be bored with my job and be safe..:(

Being a new nurse IS very unsettling. Please don't feel like you're alone! It could be you need a different specialty. I personally have never felt comfortable giving meds so I have gravitated toward jobs where that is basically not an issue. Home hospice/health, for instance. There is a PCG in those situations that administer meds or else the pt does that him/herself. I worked in home hospice for 11 years and rarely had to give medications. You might also want to consider WOCN, forensic nursing, or case management.