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New Nurse, Agency Nursing Questions


Specializes in Periop. Has 10 years experience.

Hello, I am starting nursing school soon and want to make the most that I can in the specialty I choose, probably OR. What are the pros and cons of doing agency work compared with being employed at a hospital. I dont know much about the agency system, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I've been doing Agency nursing off and on for about 2 1/2 years and I LOVE it.


1.) Flexible hours. (Work whenever and how much you want. I just call and give them the days that "I" want to work)

2.) Higher pay rate than permanent staff positions. (When I first started doing Agency nursing I went from making $28/hr as a staff nurse to $41/hr as an Agency nurse. I just turned down a staff position because they were paying $31.50/hr and my Agency pays me $48/hr and $52/hr on weekends for night shift Telemetry.

3.) No staff meetings

4.) If you don't like the hospital, you don't have to go back...EVER.


1.) Staff isn't always welcoming and helpful.

2.) You don't know where anything is at the hospital.

3.) Hours aren't guaranteed. (When I make myself available 5 days a week, I typically only get about 3)

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