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New nurse advise


Going to be starting out handling own patient load, any good advise how to not get overwhelmed?

caffeinatednurse, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-surg, telemetry, oncology, rehab, LTC, ALF. Has 4 years experience.

Try not to think about how many people are actually in your care. Then rinse and repeat.

In all seriousness, you become accustom to taking care of a large patient load by yourself. You even become accustom to not having (or depending on) support while you do this. Time and experience are responsible for this transition. It might also help to just keep breathing, have faith in yourself as a nurse and find a few good people in your workplace who you know you can go to when you're feeling overwhelmed. (Just as long as it's not a daily thing - they have their own load to carry, too.)

Thank you that is great advice! It can be a little overwhelming to go from following a nurse to being the nurse but I'm excited for the challenge!