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Hi again, I am a new ACNP in a brand new hospital. Love the position...but recently my boss the CNO has begun including me in meetings and some QA stuff. Don't make most of the meetings and have shared why with her and she is cool with it (I am usually in patient related stuff). But I have received a data form to fill out. Like am in charge of collecting data for certain data points. I guess I have been given the Code/RRT monthly QA. I remember her asking to look at a policy (which I did), but don't recall agreeing to performing monthly QA monitors. Nor do I have any idea about developing improvement plans which I would think would need to be rolled out and monitored and reported as well.

Where I need help is how to wordsmith not wanting to do these, not really having the time to do these and already putting in way too many hours since I am salaried. She is very reasonable, I don't want to sound as a whiner (?sp)....but I am too involved in patient care to really being able to do these timely without doing them on my time. Thoughts?

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Looks like you got volunteered. If this would endanger patient safety than tell her. If not I would suck it up, do the best you can. If it is not done right, they should have picked someone more familiar with the process and not so green. I realize this may sound snotty, I don't mean it to. I am a new grad as well, so I will be in your shoes soon, I hope.


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Thats alright...yesterday I reminded the them that patient care was foremost in my mind, QA wasn't and that I wasn't willing to step into the data collection role because it wasn't study related. I also mentioned that objectively, I wasn't sure I was the person to fit the bill. I mean, would I objectively be able to QA stuff I do or services I provide? Honestly, I think they forget really what I do and perhaps blend the lines with other roles. I didn't get any nasty grams and think I nipped it. I just wanted to see if I was missing something. Thanks!


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I'm curious, but are you in a type of "dual role" situation? This job sounds like something more appropriate for a CNS to be performing, not an ACNP.


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Nope, I am not in a combined role. I think there is just confusion. So far, I have just pushed back saying..."you really don’t want to pay me for data collection" or which one of my patient care responsibilities do you want me to lessen?" So far it’s working. I do want to be a team player but don’t want to get pulled into that stuff. I mean it takes me all day to get through all my clinical stuff. Either because I am new or because I carry up to 18 ICU patients (along with attending). Either way, I just don’t have the time or brain power.

I just wanted to know if I were missing something. I have yet to meet an ACNP in a non-combined role to do data collection and I wanted to be sure. Thanks for all the replies.

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