New Normal After the Pandemic


It is debatable if the world can heal of this pandemic without an impact

What Will the Post-COVID World Look Like?

New Normal After the Pandemic

The dreadful COVID 19 has caused people to live in fear - fear of the unknown, as everyone wishes to know what the future holds. A pandemic with diverse meaning to each individual. While most people believe geriatrics are more exposed and at higher risk, others think the number of people on the announcements are forged and therefore a hoax. Amongst these fears and doubts, when will the world be free as before? It's obvious everyone is anticipating the arrival of that wonderful and amazing moment, but certainly this pandemic will not be eradicated without leaving an impact.

I recall when a patient coughed on my face; I was agitated but was comforted by the fact that I was wearing my face mask. Indeed, the new normal would have some people like me and other health care workers including face masks to be part of their uniform as they seem to recognize its importance lately.

It was unfortunate that the first death case of coronavirus recorded in my country was admitted in my ward and during my shift. I have always heard that there would be a time in the life of a Nurse when one would question his or her career choice. To be frank, it was at my quarantine center I asked myself if I happen to escape contracting this virus, would I still be in this profession for a lifetime?

I kept watching and listening to global news covering the deaths and the helpless situation, and, of course, I continued to be demoralized and depressed. A lot of questions I did not have answers to went through my mind.

To cut a long story short, I was actually physically asymptomatic but psychologically symptomatic throughout my stay there. Fortunately, my result turned out negative eventually. It was needless for me to imagine the impact of this experience as regards going back to work because I completely changed to 'my new self' as I became overly cautious and a PPE-wearing maniac.

Furthermore, before the pandemic, some technologies aimed to make it easier and facilitate communication have all this while being over sighted and ignored by most people. However, individuals seem to have discovered the effectiveness of these digital aids like video conferencing, where students can easily learn online. Work colleagues can have a productive meeting since the establishment of lockdown and movement restrictions. In the future, people would tend to adapt to the convenience of this new discovery and may continue for an extended period of time

When the situation stabilizes, there would be more of freelancers because people have now seen and believed that one can actually work from home with less stress to worry about

People are likely to keep up with the habit of hand washing, proper etiquette and precautions as a result of realizing the need of preventive and safety measures. Indeed, a better world is imminent as individuals collaborate to end Coronavirus.

Chizoba Nwokeleme P
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J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

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23 hours ago, Chizoba Nwokeleme P said:

When the situation stabilizes, there would be more of freelancers because people have now seen and believed that one can actually work from home with less stress to worry about

Thanks for sharing your story. I think you are absolutely right about people choosing to work from home. Enjoyed readng.