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new and nervous!

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by sweetiez sweetiez (New Member) New Member

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i been wanting to be a nurse for some quite time now. and finally deciding to go to school for it.

i heard people that just go for lpn classes and such and do generals later.. then i heard people that do generals first then nursing.. what did you do? which do u think is "better"? im at a lost of where to start...:idea:

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NursingAgainstdaOdds has 2 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg/Tele, ER.

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I'm not sure about LPN courses ... however, I did all my pre-reqs for my nursing program (RN) before I was formally in nursing courses. The nursing courses in general are very challenging, and IMO also require a substantial emotional commitment, in order to process all that we need to in order to be adequate and healthy caregivers.

Good luck! :)

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