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Just got my selection letter yesterday (Active Duty, credentialed as ER/Trauma), no ODS date yet and haven't talked to a detailer yet either. BUT! Extremely excited to start down this new path in my RN career. I'm hoping to link up with more experienced Navy nurses to ask all my embarrassing Navy newbie questions and (when I finally get PCS orders), seek guidance on duty station housing, schools (I have a 5 year old), pros/cons etc. A little about me: I'm former Army (HR officer), got my BSN in 2015, went straight into an ER job at which I just made my 1 year mark. During this past year, I secured my ACLS , PALS, TNCC, ATCN, and CEN certifications, and got some pretty solid high-acuity experience at a high volume Level 2 trauma center. I have been known to make myself hyper-prepared for things lol so I've already got copies of the ODS Handbook, In and Out of Harm's Way, and NAVEDTRA 12967. Want to bring my A-game to my new Corps!

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I have zero Navy wisdom, but I think your time as an Army officer will be very helpful! Just wanted to say congratulations!!! :) It's great that the Navy is credentialing you as ER/Trauma — I did the same in the Army, but I know people who were denied because they had less than two years (which I find silly, in light of the drop in acuity in working at many military ERs).

A little non-military advice: look into the TCRN (just purely for professional satisfaction because it's doubtful the military will care/recognize it because CEN is the gold standard right now). I found it very helpful in learning about trauma patients and processes beyond the ER walls.

Good luck!!!