Santa Fe Community College

  1. I've seen a few posts on SFCC but most are older and none have very much info. Has anyone gone through or currently going through SFCC's program? I would love to hear some anecdotal experiences about the program- what you think of it, how intensive it is, how it's respected, whether it's worth the commute if you do, what you life or don't like, whether you are/were able to work part-time during the program, etc. I have a meeting with advisement in a couple weeks to get more info but would love some personal experiences.
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  3. by   jjnRN
    I'm a 1st level student at SFCC and I went there because I didn't want to wait on CNM's 2 yr wait list. It is difficult as any nursing program is and I have friends in all of them here in the Albuquerque area. Everyone says the same things; loads of work, critical thinking questions are difficult to get used to, and not much time for anything else.

    SFCC is a good school and plenty of people commute so you can usually car pool with someone or if the schedule for rail runner and SFCC match up you can ride the train. I currently ride the train because the schedule is pretty close to my class schedule and at $22 a month I can't beat it. The fall semester I will probably have to start driving or car pooling.

    All the instructors that I have worked with have been great and I am sure you find people that didn't like some off them as you will at all schools.