Press Nurse Extern Program????

  1. anyone know anything about presbyterian's student nursing extern program or a warm body i can talk too???? i've been trying to contact clin ed, who i was told would have more info, but no one will call me back??
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  3. by   azilliRN
    I work for Presbyterian but in an outpatient clinic at Ana Kaseman. Just as an FYI, I tried getting in as a nurse extern but at the time I looked there were no positions available. Did you apply online for the position? That was how I found out if there were any positions available. I found that the only way you get into the program was if you already had your foot in the door working as CNA. Getting on at Presbyterian is difficult - my suggestion is to keep persuing online and try calling Human Resorces. Also, driving down to the main office and speaking with someone face-to-face for information. Good luck!
  4. by   2 r MC1R
    I finally had someone at ClinEd call me back. They don't have the nurse extern program anymore due to the in house nursing school. They put clinicals in those spots now. The lady said if a manager wanted to open up a position they could. I talked to the director of the E.D. at main and she said they didnt have the money for it. One of my friends asked the L&D manager and she said the same thing. Some of the managers are moving to the new hospital and there are alot of intrum managers for the time being. HAHA I don't see a spot opening up before I graduate. There was actully a Nurse Extern in the PMG Hospital in Socorro but that's a bit far.
  5. by   emilyBABSNRN
    Just an aside...I tried several times to get someone to call me back from Pres HR and I couldn't get them to. Wonder how they treat staff.....or is it just the stereotypical "evil HR" story