Pay & benefits for an experienced RN in Albuquerque

  1. Hi all! Doing some research into moving to ABQ in the next year and just wondering what I can expect as far as finding employment there (looking at UNM and Presbyterian specifically -- cannot work at Lovelace as I need a not-for-profit hospital). I have 2.5 years of experience, 1.5 years in med-surg/ortho/neuro, and the remaining year in ICU/SDU.

    I'm wondering mostly about things like base pay, shift diffs (I like to work nights and weekends), paid time off accrual, whether separate sick leave is available, how being called off or in works, how much a decent health/dental/vision insurance plan costs, etc. Any information about these things in regards to UNM or Presb would be helpful. Thanks .
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  3. by   Rory8
    Hi, I'm working at UNMH currently! Which units are you planning on applying to? With your experience you have a lot of options. I checked the job openings site and there were quite a few openings. We have a CAP system for pay here, depending on experience. CAP II is normally the base ($28.80/hr), if you have your BSN you would be CAP III ($31.80/hr), CAP IV is if you have masters or certifications, and CAP V is the highest. We have pretty good insurance, it's UNMH Blue Cross Blue Shield. The cost depends on which insurance plan you choose and what coverage you need. We get accruals for vacation, major sick, and minor sick every two weeks. How much you accrue depends on your hours and seniority, so the longer you work here the more you accrue. I hope this information helps! If you have any more specific questions feels free to PM me!