New Mexico Jr College?

  1. I'm about to start Microbiology online at NMJC. I was wondering if anybody has taken it and has any advice. Is the professor good? There isn't a lab kit, so I'm a bit confused...
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  3. by   dwaynea
    How did the class turn out for you?
    I am looking at AP at NMJC any suggestions?
  4. by   heartbeats
    It worked out well. I got an A; however, the CC I wanted to go to wouldn't accept the course because after some research, they discovered there was an online option. I took A&P at Clovis Community College because it was slightly cheaper and they allowed me to take A&P 1 and 2 at the same time. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. by   dwaynea
    Great info , thanks. How did they find out? Did it say on your transcript?
    I was going to take AP at NMJC , maybe I shouldnt now. Did you take AP at Clovis online or in person?
  6. by   heartbeats
    They researched the school schedule, I suppose.
  7. by   dwaynea
    Heartbeats, What books did Clovis CC use for AP? Who was your professor?
    I like the book NMJC uses , that is one of the main reasons I was looking at the school. The professor J. Farrow has also been very helpful.

    Do you still have your Mincro book from NMJC?

    Also what CC did you apply to that did not accept your credit?
  8. by   REMon
    heartbeats: i would have taken the course info to the dean of students. they would have taken the course, because now a lot of schools offer ap online. i took ap2 while in a 2 year aas degree, and they tried that, because the school i was attending didn't offer online classes. the director over the science dept met with me, and he was intrugued that a school was able to do this. now they are offering the course online. this was all the information the dean of students had to review to see if they can take the credit. they have to be accredited by one of these, but she was particularly worried about the one in red, and that was at a houston area school.

    new mexico junior college is accredited by or holds membership in these na
    ti onal or regional associati ons:
    • american associa
    ti on of collegiate registrars & admissions offi cers
    • american associa
    ti on of community colleges
    • associa
    ti on of community college trustees
    • graphic arts educa
    ti on and research foundati on
    • hispanic associa
    ti on of colleges & universiti es
    • league for innova
    ti on in the community college
    • learning resources network (lern)
    • na
    ti onal associati on of student financial aid administrators
    • na
    ti onal associati on of student personnel administrators
    • na
    ti onal associati on of campus acti viti es
    • na
    ti onal intramural & recreati onal sports associati on
    • na
    ti onal automoti ve technicians educati on foundati on (natef)
    • na
    ti onal council for marketi ng and public relati ons (ncmpr)
    • na
    ti onal junior college athleti c associati on
    • na
    ti onal league for nursing accreditati on commission (nlnac)
    • new mexico associa
    ti on of collegiate registrars & admission offi cers
    • new mexico associa
    ti on of independent community colleges
    • new mexico state department of educa
    ti on, vocati onal technical, and adult educati on unit
    north central associa
    ti on of colleges and schools

    • rocky mountain associa
    ti on of collegiate registrars and admission offi cers