calling all NMSU alumni

  1. Hi there. I just started the Roadrunner program at NMSU and can't believe how little I'm learning and how disorganized the school seems to be. It's making me very worried that I won't be prepared to either pass the NCLEX or be a competent nurse. Maybe this is normal and would happen anywhere I went to school and everything will be fine, but since I've never gone anywhere else I can't know that.

    Can anyone, especially NMSU grads, reassure me that everything will be ok? If not, I'd love to know that as well. If I've made a huge mistake in choosing NMSU, I want to know now while I'm still beginning my education.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me!
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  3. by   GreenTree
    I feel you. NMSU sucks hairy balls. I wish I had applied elsewhere and gone elsewhere, but now we're here and forced (in a way) to stay.
    Good luck.
  4. by   ajboujie
    Bearhug; Im a NMSU grad 07, BSN traditional route, not RRunner...u have to remember, u r in the RRunner program. U will get this shoved down your throat (poke&puke learning). I had class'z w/RRunners & they went thru the same as u r right now. If u are not prepared to sacrefice, push yourself, & study as a group you will fall behind. A good thing is if u stick it out, get w/a good group u will survive. For the most part all of the RRunner's i know passed the HESI's & the NCLEX w/dedication & studyn hard. If the pace is too fast, see if you can fall into the traditional BSN program. The instructors do not have the time to teach u everything, only wut u need to know for HESI & NCLEX. I did notice that certain classes were "abbreviated" just for RRunner which was good for them but not "fair" for the traditional BSN students. As for it sucking (greentree) just look at the %'s who graduate & pass the NCLEX 1st time around---NMSU is above 90% take a look. RN school is there to prepare u to learn enough info to be a safe/entry level RN---& pass the NCLEX. There is a method to the madness at NMSU. If u need help or mentorship just ask the instructors; if not, dont expect them to come to u. Again, only way to survive in RN school is get w/a group & stick w/it until graduation---you will need it, theres no way of doing it solo---unless yer blessed w/a photographic memory. Lastly, get the HESI study guides & KAPLAN study guide(s), make every effort to take the prep-classes for these or get into study groups--if not the stress/pressure will absolutely overwhelm u, because u will still be doing papers/schoolwork while preparing for these tests! It can be done, plan for success, not failure.
  5. by   GreenTree
    Ajboujie : It's not the amount of work--it's not hard, and it's not the work that is the problem. It is the disorganization and lack of instruction. If you go anywhere else, with a reputation, you can see and feel the difference. it's just quality. Just putting it out there to other students who may be thinking of applying to NMSU. And, it not NMSU that is the problem, it's the School of Nursing that has a big problem. I'm just saying. It's my second degree, and I know what a quality education is, and this aint it!!:spin: However, if you went here because it was cheap, like I chose to, you have to stay and just get your degree. Yes, you're right, NCLEX pass rates are high--why else would I have chosen this school?? Everyone looks at those, but it doesn't mean **** if the school sucks and the teachers are bad. They pass because they make you take tests that are like NCLEX, but you get zip for instruction. You learn how to take tests at NMSU School of Nursing, and therefore pass NCLEX. It's a frustrating and painful experience. Nuff said.
  6. by   ajboujie
    GreenTree: me too, my RN degree is my 2nd BS; but i didnt go due to the cost; did so because it was a 4yrBSN, & the NCLEX pass rate was exceptional. Alamagordo is a 2yrRN but i know of people who went there & stated the "atmosphere" there was worse. What semester r u in? Yes, there r certain classes/instr's that teach way over yer head or dont "teach" the info (lecture). How many are in your classes (student/teach ratio)? When i went thru the ratio was ample for hands-on instructions, but just before i graduated there was an influx of students, way too many to teach effectively/learn, pushing students to get very minimal hands-on comfort level (in my opinion). Clinicals were jammed w/too many students & not enough areas to put'm in (medsurg etc.) to learn basic skills. If u know what u are lacking (lecture or clinical) make an effort to speak w/the instructor. Remember, the RN school is "like" a business where they need to produce RN's, students who pass the NCLEX w/in 1st or 2nd sitting. I got frustrated too when i didnt think we were getting enough "real" instruction/clinical hands-on, but (wen i was n RN school) all the RNs i've spoken to said u learn all that after RN school. If u decide to transfer, UTEP, much more exspensive & criteria for passing HESI tests (i think) is higher. Again, the goal is to have a "knee jerk" reaction for the HESI & NCLEX tests. There's 1000's of students out there that dont get tests/prepared (thruout all RN school) like this until they graduate & then theyr screw'd for the NCLEX. If things were perfect/more time, RN school should have electives so u could pick/choose areas u r interested in (example, not take Community & learn more about ER nursing etc.). If u r near the end of RN school u can take & externship (before last graduating semester). Highly recommended, u will learn tons (all the stuff u want/should learn in RN school), & be very stedfast for yer final internship in the 8th semester... but nothing additional (from what the school will teach) for the NCLEX. Hope this makes sense; good luck & keep positive & do what ya think is right for u.
  7. by   schlgrl

    Has your experience improved? I was just accepted into nursing program at NMSU and am a bit concerned with your post. Is that how all the student nurses feel in that program? I am tired of being on the waiting list here in my hometown. Greentree states all the students feel the same way.
  8. by   PsychiatricNP
    I just recently received my acceptance to the Pathyways BSN program at NMSU. I was reading Greentree's posts and was wondering if anyone out there has any additional information regarding the program. I already have a bachelor's degree (non-nursing) from NMSU and received a master's degree from another university. It is my understanding that the Pathways program is new (this is the first semester that students have been accepted to the program) so any thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I would definitely appreciate more information from Greentree regarding everyone's experience in the program. I have to make a decision regarding whether or not I will attend within the next few days and would really appreciate any information out there about NMSU's nursing program!
  9. by   nmsumurse
    I really do agree with the first post that the organization of the program needs work. First the way the classes are scheduled is bad. You have 4 classes plus the labs, and you go once a week too each class for 3 hrs and 50 min. It would be a whole lot better if they just heaped pathway, trads, RRunners, all in one lecture hall so the teaching resources wern'et diverted all over the place on different days of the week. The classes should be daily 1 hour each, everybody would learn alot more, yet we take brakes, get let out early (which is great at the time but in retrospect is a bad thing) and teachers themselves get tired. Secondly we are supposed to read ahead of time and the teachers go over really general information in the chapters they cover because they see us once or twice then its time to take the next test, then expect us to remeber really in depth stuff on the test. Thirdly I trust that all of are professors are really good nurses, but all of them are atrocious at lecturing, they often read directly off the power points which we already had access to ahead of time and already read. The wednesday labs were always insanely stupid, we can't do any procedures on one another (injections, or ng tubes), so the first time we do them will be on a poor sick patient; you will become very well acquanted with all the teaching dummies. You will also be getting alot of emails about course changes in hw and tests the night before often at 9 (which works great for me because I don't have a computer at home). Our semester is really bad at grouping up to study, I talked to a seventh semester the other day and they were really supprised and dismayed that we wern't helping one another to study saying it was what they attributed to their success and ability to get through (divided we will fall i guess). I am a very angry figth semester so I might not be the best source of info. Oh and for the incoming students you dont need a vast majority of the "required" books.
  10. by   schlgrl
    Dear NMNursing Student,

    Have you made a decision about attending NMSU nursing program? Did you receive any other input or find any other research online? Thank you for response!
  11. by   PsychiatricNP
    Hi schlgrl - No, I have not receiving or found any additional information. I know that the acceptance letter requires a response by October 31st; so I am going to have a make decision quickly! What about you? What decision have you made? Did you find any additional information?
  12. by   schlgrl
    Hi There,

    I have been trying to do research, study, and work. I am heading to NM tomorrow afternoon. I should be in Las Cruces Thursday morning so I am hoping to make a decision after seeing some type of cirricula or speak with an advisor. Are you in Las Cruces? I believe I am going to accept and if I don't like the program after the first semester I am hoping to transfer to another program. I am not even sure if that is possible. I found the following reviews. Let me know what you decide! If you accept, perhaps we can study together.
  13. by   PsychiatricNP
    Hi schlgrl - I am anxious to hear how you visit to NMSU goes! I live several hours away from Las Cruces and will not be able to make it down to visit the School of Nursing. I received by BA from NMSU a couple of years ago, so I am familiar with the area. I have been in communication with the Associate Director of the BSN program and I am very impressed so far. Please let me know what you encounter on your visit. Hope all goes well!
  14. by   schlgrl
    Hello NMnursing student,

    I have to admit my visit was a little disappointing. I felt as though I was "bothering" when I asked to speak to someone about the program. Perhaps it is that I am tired and ready for some quality sleep. Have you made a decision?