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  1. I spoke with an adviser at UNM COM and, apparently, by fall 2009 they will no longer be accepting letters of recommendation or volunteer experience as part of the admissions process. Now it is solely reliant upon GPA. I'm about to apply (when I next can) for the standard BSN program, but I'm a bit concerned about my GPA.

    By the time I apply, my GPA will be cumulative (both CNM + UNM) at 3.34. My science GPA will be at exactly 3.9 (This of course including Bio123, Chemistry, A&P I, A&P II, microbiology and their respective labs).

    I've done a bit of reading and it seems that some people were accepted with higher degrees and extra science courses. I decided to change my major from engineering to this right after the completion of Calculus I and II with both a B and C respectively. Do you think this might help my chances? If I am not accepted, then I was thinking about going down the EMS path, but then again I might just retake some classes in which I earned C's.

    I'm quite stressed about this process, and while I'm working with my advisor, I just don't feel that my GPA is competitive enough. My former engineering advisor, upon my leaving their program, told me my GPA "sucked" and that I would likely not get into nursing. I'm determined to become an RN, though. Have any of you been accepted with lower GPA?

    Thanks for reading this and any peace of mind you might be able to offer!! haha
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  3. by   NMCoNstudent
    I don't know which advisor you spoke with, but I'm concerned the information they relayed to you was inaccurate. At this point 60% of your app. is based on you GPA, 30% on your personal essays, 5% for you recommendation letters and 5% for being a N.M resident. Volunteer service is not required and is recommended so you can include medical experience in your essay.

    I was accepted first time with around a 3.5 overall and little higher in my science. I know the average this time was around 3.8. I would definitely recommend trying to boost you general GPA by taking a very easy course. I would apply at least once, even if you have 12 hours of pre-requisites still left. Many times they will accept you for the next semester. It never hurts to try.

    I do know many people with a much higher GPA then I had who were not accepted. Advisors told me they were looking for the students who stand out of the crowd based on their essays. One advisor told me, they look for students who desired to be a nurse from child or had very relevant experience. Something I really emphasized in my essays. That may have been why they picked me over others with a better GPA. In my true opinion it was lot of prayingJ

    I'm not sure were they are planning to go with fall 09' admissions. I might call and set up an app. With an undergraduate advisor in the school of Nursing. I would visit once each semester to make sure that I was on track. I really hope this helps. Don't stress out, I've been there. You will get through it. Good luck, look forward to seeing you in the program.
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    Hello kboylan09,

    Thanks for the support and helping put my mind at ease.

    I spoke with the senior academic adviser for the CON, Sam Roth, regarding the change in the admissions process. He stated in an e-mail response to my inquiry that, "The application points will now only be based upon GPA. So anything you're doing in the way of volunteer work will be good in terms of how it benefits you, but it won't impact your application... Starting this September, the BSN application will no longer require letters of recommendation". However, it's definitely good to gain multiple views in preparation for my application, so thank you. I'll definitely double check this through him and other advisers to be safe though, but its likely I'll volunteer anyway just to do so.

    I saw in another post that you were accepted this summer, big congrats!! I hope you do well.
  5. by   penelopelp
    I hope that they are not going to base admission totally on G.P.A. I have two Bachelor's degrees already. I had a pretty low average with the first degree. I was able to bring up my average to 3.625 for the second degree. I'm not sure if I can pull off all A's on my pre-reqs. I'm pretty close to getting a "B" in one of my classes right now. I really don't want to wait the 2+ years to get into CNM's program.