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Hello. I just posted a message today but then thought of another question I would like to ask. As I said earlier, we are planning a move to the Las Cruces area this year. I want to attend LPN school so I assumed it would be in Las Cruces. I've come to realise, however, that there are many nursing jobs in El Paso just half an hour from where we will live. My question is, if I study in and become a nurse in New Mexico, will it be trouble for me to cross the state line and work in Texas (only the city of El Paso)? How exactly does this work? Is is difficult to become a nurse in New Mexico and then go to work just next door? I'm not set on working in El Paso as there are jobs in Las Cruces too, but it is always a possibility being so close to El Paso that something there may catch my eye. Thanks so much for any replies.


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New Mexico and Texas are part of the Nurse Licensure Compact. I beleive that means you can work in Texas holding a New Mexico license. Check with the Texas Board of Nursing. Otherwise you can hold a nursing license in both states.

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If I remember correctly, there are only 2 smaller hospitals in Las Cruces (we moved last year to AZ). There are numerous hospitals in El Paso such as Del Sol, Las Palmas, Sierra, Providence, William Beaumont, Thomason. El Paso also offers tons of nursing homes, home health and hospice. You would have many choices in the El Paso area. Of course, Las Cruces is a great city with a more upscale atmosphere, but the houses we looked at there were fairly expensive. Sonoma Ranch (Las Cruces) started in the high 200s and went up from there. The west side of El Paso offers some really nice homes (high property taxes) for a reasonable amount of money. Also, Santa Teresa, NM had a nice gated subdivision with nice stucco/tile roof homes. For about $140,000 you can get a nice house and for $200,000+ you can get a REALLY nice house in El Paso! While in Las Cruces, make sure you try the green chile cheese enchiladas at Andeles--absolutely the best!!!!!!!!


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